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“Becomes part of the machine.”

October 6, 2015

5124YCSVAKLI’ve never been a gamer, except for that one time with my then 10 year old son when we locked ourselves in my tiny apartment to conquer the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC game. It was a high-stakes Potter bender weekend, and we were on edge for hours, unable to pass down a hallway with no floor in the middle of the game. As I recall we had to jump from beam to beam, and we fell. A lot. We eventually prevailed, and it was high-five exhilaration. Anyway, for not being a gamer, I’m currently reading “Ready Player One,” a novel about a gamer who essentially lives in a virtual world called “the OASIS” because it’s preferable to his post-apocalyptic real life. I think to really succeed as a gamer, one must take on a Ty Webb “Be the ball” Zen-like approach. And while we’re on the subject, Would you Hire a Candidate with Video Gaming Skills?

Hey, check out our latest 1 in one hundred million story as real-world Pinball Wizard Zach Feary “becomes part of the machine” testing them!

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