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What hasn’t happened (yet) in Vegas stays in Vegas?

September 25, 2015

KW2014Many of our customers may wonder, “What’s KronosWorks like?” On “Filmstrip Friday” I’ll use the magic tube of you to explain. Here are the recaps of three days at KronosWorks in 2014 at the Aria in Las Vegas. In the Tuesday segment, our fabulous marketing manager for Workforce Ready, Kristen Wylie teases us with the Tuesday night customer appreciation event. The Hakkasan Nightclub was incredibly fun, even for a boomer like me. And this years event is going to rock, especially if you like live music, but I can’t talk about that because our headliner is no little upstart. They are BIG in any town. Anyway, who they are has to stay in Vegas for now, but check out our daily updates below, then register to join us in just 50 days!




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