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What do you want your Kronos experience to be?

September 21, 2015

Happy Monday, all! Here’s another guest post from Valerie Welland, Customer Experience Manager at Kronos. Today Val constructs her post entirely from Legos!

By Valerie Welland
golden-girls-legoLego’s has created a website called Lego Ideas. Within the website, you can submit ideas for new Lego creations. You can vote for submitted creations. When an idea reaches a set amount of votes, it moves into the next phase and then hopefully into production. I subscribe to this and receive a weekly email from Lego on the newest creations to vote on. Honestly, I believe the world NEEDS the Golden Girls Lego set, complete with a Lego cheesecake on the counter!  Anyway, we’re looking for your great ideas…

  • If you could create your own Workforce Management Suite of products, what would you like to see?
  • If you punch a timecard, how could this be easier for you?
  • If you are a manager and need to setup a schedule, what would you like to see?

voice of the customer quoteIf you have answers to these questions, please let us know! Did you know Kronos also has a place to submit ideas? It is called Ideanet and is located within the Kronos Customer Portal. (Registration required.) Within Ideanet you can submit ideas and vote on the ideas of others. Our development team reviews these suggestions and takes each one into consideration when developing products and product features at Kronos.

As I have been reviewing our customer surveys this month, I have noticed an influx of customers providing suggestions for our products. REALLY good suggestions. I am approaching my two year anniversary at Kronos, and I am still amazed at how involved our customers are. It shows the dedication of our customer base when they take the time to tell us how we are doing, but takes it to another level when customers tell us what they would like to see. Personally, and I know I speak of everyone here when I say, Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to care about our products and your experience with Kronos!

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