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Customer Success at Scale

September 16, 2015

coffee-cup-scaleBusiness scale is a fascinating concept. If you simply think about the production efficiency of our food supply, the numbers are mind-blowing. Here are some examples of business scale:

  • GM sold 2.9M cars just in the US in 2014
  • Overall, 16.5 million new autos hit US streets in 2014
  • Apple sold 169 million iPhones worldwide in 2014
  • Starbucks pours 2.3 billion cups per year as reported for 2011
  • FedEx ships 11M packages a day

Those are amazing numbers produced by multi-billion dollar organizations. Kronos has some impressive scale as well. Each week I receive a “Customer Success Report” with the number of customers that “go live” with their production systems for Workforce Central (mostly in the cloud) and Workforce Ready (only in the cloud). Here are some examples from just last week:

  • A 7,200 employee retailer live on Workforce Central v8 in the cloud
  • A 7,250 employee logistics company on Workforce Central v8 in the cloud
  • A 5,000 employee distributor in the Netherlands on Workforce Central in the cloud
  • A 750 employee US city on Workforce Ready
  • A 100 employee engineering firm on Workforce Ready

Tens of thousands of employees in all industries begin using Kronos systems across the globe every week. Our professional services team really deserves a tip of the cap for delivering the experience our customers expect every day.

That’s customer success at scale.

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