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8 is great!

September 15, 2015

WFC8-100x100I’m using rough numbers here (hey, I’m in marketing), but in the three months since we released Workforce Central v8, customers have ordered 2x more of v8 than they did of Workforce Central 7 over its inaugural 90 day period! Maybe that’s because it’s highly decaffinated… And yes, many new and existing customers are choosing to deploy Workforce Central in the cloud! To help existing customers have a great upgrade experience, we have a comprehensive checklist on our customer portal (registration required):

Upgrading to Workforce Central® v8

  • Upgrade Tips
  • Workforce Central v8.0 Compatibility Matrix
  • Training
  • Key Considerations and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Guide to Planning a Workforce Central Installation
  • Service Releases
  • Technical Advisories
  • Recommended Practices
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