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Trophy Life

August 25, 2015
Everybody wants to touch the trophy that's as difficult to earn as that one.

Everybody wants to touch the trophy that’s as difficult to earn as that one.

I miss hockey. It’s worse this summer because my team’s season ended on April 11th, and did not include any playoff games. Chicago fans got to see their team play until June 15th AND got to see them hoist the Stanley Cup as NHL champions. Hockey is a game with a rich history and some interesting quirks. For example, to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals, the teams in the Eastern and Western conferences must battle through three series of up to 7 games each before they meet in the finals. It’s customary that the winners in each conference don’t even touch the conference championship trophies. The only trophy they want to touch at that point is Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Last week, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison should have won a trophy if just for getting “Deflategate” out of the football news. Mr. Harrison generated some controversy when he returned “participation trophies” awarded to his 6 and 8-year-old sons because he felt it was important that his boys “earn” a real trophy.

I agree with Mr. Harrison on the trophy thing. Trophies should be earned or won in competition. Win some, lose some…

Speaking of awards, Kronos has won quite a few recently, many of them in the “team” category for being a best place to work. I can still feel good about that, right?

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