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Yes, KronosWorks has Vacancy!

August 20, 2015

View from the pool…

Today is my first real day in the office since August 7th. The past two days have been in a training class that I’m still processing and may get back to you on later, but for now vacation lingers. Ten days of varied family vacation included sand, sea, and mountains, but mostly family. Whether sitting in the sand, sailing in Camden Harbor or winding the jagged coast of Maine, relaxation was unrelenting. While driving I was amazed at how many hotels, motels, and B&B’s dot that coast. Vacancy… No Vacancy… Oh, and by the way…

KW2015 Vacancy

Yesterday I received a customer inquiry via Twitter asking if the conference was full. What? Full? It’s in Vegas, baby! Can Vegas even get “full?” I tweeted back for a screenshot and got one that I forwarded on to our events team for investigation. I think it may simply be a semantic thing, but KronosWorks registration is wide open and looks to be one of our best yet with over 120 sessions, and especially if you’re into big poppy country music stars

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