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Smarter Café Support Team

August 14, 2015

By Melissa Spinella

Well, it’s Friday, and we’ve made it through the week without our fearless leader. Thanks to blogging and tweeting support from Valerie Welland, Terri Edkins, and myself, Mr. Smarter Cafe’s followers haven’t suffered (we don’t think!) from a lack of insightful knowledge about customer experience, workforce management, and Kronos life in general. It’s always good to have a dedicated team behind you, focused on making you look good and keeping things running smoothly, right?

The same is true of Kronos Support, we have an extremely competent team of support folks who work with our customers every day, helping them with issues that may arise or streamlining processes so they can be as efficient as possible. Our support team wants to help, they thrive on it, and they want to make our customers’ experience the best it can be. In fact, our award-winning support team includes our Plus Support option where you have a dedicated senior-level specialist providing proactive preventive support.

So, while there’s nothing like a blog from the Ernest Hemingway of Kronos, with the support of a few good (wo)men, it’s as if he never even left.

Want to learn more about Kronos Support Services? Peruse our brochure now to see all of the support options available!

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