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Baking in the Cloud

August 13, 2015

By Melissa Spinella.

PieOver the past year, I have really developed a love of baking – I’ve always loved to cook, but baking was a whole different story. With cooking, improvisation is key, you can always swap out ingredients (spinach for kale) or add more of something you love (garlic!). Baking, however, is like a science – switch out baking soda for baking powder and you have a flat cake. You need to follow the recipe or your end product won’t come out the way you intended.

When you think about it, implementing new software is a lot like baking a cake – there are ingredients (services) that are all meant to work together seamlessly to produce a successful “product.” For example, moving to the cloud involves reviewing your current system and ensuring it’s ready, project team training, testing, and a having a plan for user adoption, including change management. This proven recipe will help you realize value fast, ensure your users fully adopt the system, and help you continue to increase the value of workforce management in your organization. And who knows, with all the time and effort you save, you may just have time to bake yourself a tasty treat!





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