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Any Kronos Spiceheads out there?

August 3, 2015

Kronos Spiceworks Concentric CirclesAfter I wrote “Astroturfing” means fake reviews, our sales rep (sadly, she’s moved on, but our new SpiceRep seems like a good and competent guy) wrote:

“Why not include Spiceworks in this? Just a thought.
Certainly IT pros in Spiceworks who are following
your blog are likely happy Kronos customers.

Just a thought J”

A good thought. Thanks Leigh. At the time our Kronos “vendor page” and product pages for Workforce Ready and Workforce Central were not quite there, but now they are!

The thing about Spiceworks…
Spiceworks-LogoIt’s a vibrant social network/community of 6 million IT professionals, so as a “Green Guy,” or vendor rep for Kronos, I need to cover my marketing head with a propeller hat. Hey, I kid the Spiceheads, and while they have good senses of humor, they have little patience for sales pitches in a community that exists to help one another. If you’re in IT, I highly recommend Spiceworks.

And if you’re a Spicehead and support Kronos for your organization, please follow us, review the products you support, and say “hey” to our green guy!

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