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Inside a star cloud – Kronos Workforce Ready

July 29, 2015

sun balanceMy nightly slipping into unconsciousness ritual usually involves playing an episode of “How the Universe Works” from my DVR, setting my TV timer to 60 minutes, and letting the mind-blowing story of the universe lull me to sleep. Last night’s episode was Extreme Stars, an exploration of how stars work, and how they’re created and eventually die. Here’s what I learned – A star is basically a giant ball of billions of nuclear explosions (fusion) held together by a perfectly balanced amount of gravity.

Stars are born when giant (like bigger than our entire solar system) clouds (natch) condense over billions of years, eventually becoming so compressed by gravity that the fusion begins…

In other cloud news, here’s a look into one of our star clouds – the place where Workforce Ready shines bright.

WFR Infrastructure - July 2015

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