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The great cloud migration

July 22, 2015

Bloomberg on cloudIt’s company earnings season, and the importance of cloud computing to many tech companies is showing up in many reported results. In this excellent Bloomberg video report, Caroline Hyde explains how the cloud has impacted the financial results of SAP (good), IBM (not so good), and Amazon (pretty good). SAP has executed well in migrating their customers to cloud solutions, but IBM has not been as efficient in their efforts to go cloud. Amazon (you know, where you can buy everything) is using its profitable cloud business, Amazon Web Services, to essentially subsidize the nano-thin margins in their monstrous retail business.


Kristina Lengyel, Kronos Vice President, Global Professional Services

The success or failure of a tech giant like SAP or IBM migrating huge populations of long-time customers to the cloud is dependent on creating a positive experience for their customers making the trip. Kronos now has over 14,000 customers in our cloud, so we have learned a great deal about what it takes to successfully transition a customer’s Kronos solution from their own in-house data-center to our cloud. In this NetworkWorld article, Kristina Lengyel, our Vice President Global Professional Services describes how proper planning and preparation reduces risk, resulting in a smooth migration to the cloud. For Kronos Workforce Central customers, our cloud readiness assessment examines architecture, databases, applications, networks, specialized hardware, third-party interfaces, extensions, customizations, and more. It’s a smart investment that will help get the solution into our cloud efficiently so that users of the system can remain uninterrupted and productive.

And that is something our success depends on.

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