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A worthwhile journey to Pluto

July 16, 2015

This morning the following conversation took place between my 7 year old granddaughter and me:


Is it just me or does that light-colored area shaped like Pluto the dog’s head?

Me: “Hey, did you see the pictures of Pluto?”
Maddy: “The dog?”
Me: “No, the planet.”
Maddy: “Oh, no.”
Me: “Do you know it’s 3.6 BILLION miles away?”
Maddy: “Did you go there?”
Me: “Uh, no. I had to work.”

As Doug Adams said, “Space is big.” I try, but it’s so daunting to get my head around things like 3,670,904,970.2 (that’s billion) miles, 30,000 miles per hour, and that after traveling for 9 years, it took only 2 minutes for the New Horizons spacecraft to fly by the entire diameter of Pluto… To get a sense of what 3,670,904,970.2 miles covers, check out the tediously accurate scale model of the solar system. This was an incredible achievement for the New Horizons team.

A far-less daunting journey is one our customers are making to the cloud. Over 14,000 of our customers are there now, and you can go. Just pick your vehicle:

  1. Workforce Central – mid to large organizations with complex workforce management needs
  2. Workforce Ready – small to mid-sized (SMB) organizations
  3. SaaShr – small organizations

And check out our cute video on the cloud. You’re already using it!

cloud video

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