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Who Are You? – Poll Results

July 15, 2015

Hey, it’s been a while. Sorry, but with the long holiday weekend, vacation and the Pluto thing, I’ve been busy. Here are the poll results of the “Who are you – Part Deux” post:

Who are You Jun-Jul 2015

Hmmm… Exactly 50% of people responding to the poll are co-workers. That’s not a bad thing. Internal marketing, especially for services, is valuable. I’m very happy to see 12% identify as Kronos customers, and that a few partners visit. Hey, even a competitor was willing to stick their hand up. Thanks, whoever you are. As for the other categories, I’m pleased both Joyce’s voted, and I think I know who my second mom is…

Workforce Central v8 Upgrade Webinar

Since around 2,500 souls attended our Workforce Central v8 webinar (recording link), we’re looking forward to a mosh pit of amped up upgraders at 6 Tips to Make Your Upgrade Easier, next Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Oh, and there’ll be a giveaway! Yep. All attendees who correctly answer a six-question quiz at the end of the webinar will be entered into a drawing for an Apple® Watch! I’d make the uh, time for that…

That’s all I’ve got today. And now that I know who my audience is, hey, half of you get back to work! And I’ll get back to some “real” work…

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