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Navigating New Territory

July 10, 2015

mapsBy Terri Edkins

Does anyone remember what it was like driving before the advent of the global positioning system  (GPS)?  It was crazy, with paper roadmaps that were often woefully out of date.   Thankfully, today we have the technology to help us get from point A to Point B, usually without any hiccups.

But that doesn’t mean that the journey isn’t without some anxiety, especially if you’re going someplace you’ve never been before.  You’re never quite sure what the experience is going to be like or if you’ll find your way in a new environment.

Users at organizations who are upgrading to Workforce Central 8 and haven’t been using Navigator already may have some anxiety about how to complete their daily tasks in a new system, but like a GPS, Kronos is providing instructions on how to get there easily.

Navigator is intuitive, but it is a change.  So to make sure that you’re productive immediately, we’ve got training and support tools in Knowledge Pass, our eLearning portal.   There are job aids and simulations to help you complete common tasks.

So don’t fret about the journey; sit back and enjoy the road to increased productivity.

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