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Failure is Not an Option

July 7, 2015


apollo13By Terri Edkins

It’s one of my top five all-time favorite movies:  Apollo 13.  And when Ed Harris’ character, the flight director, proclaims that “failure is not an option” you just know that NASA will prevail.  In part because, well they are rocket scientists, and also because they prepare, incessantly, for anything that space can throw their way.  They are ready when they need to be.

Our flight director, Kristina Lengyel, also knows the importance of being prepared.  As the VP of Global Professional Services here at Kronos, one of her many responsibilities is making sure that her team can help organizations get ready for the Kronos Cloud.  And since Kronos continues to add thousands of customers to the Kronos Cloud, it means we have to do it quickly and efficiently.   How?  By reviewing and evaluating your existing infrastructure and processes to access your readiness.  Check this out for more information on how you can get ready.

Remember, failure is not an option.

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