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Men-tor: advise or train

July 6, 2015

Mr. Smarter Café is on vacation and completely off the grid this week, so Terri Edkins, Senior Services Marketing Manager at Kronos will be filling in. Thanks, Terri.  

mentoringI really like my job. I’m not a Pollyanna (as anyone who knows me can confirm); it’s just that I’ve accumulated enough prior experience to know that Kronos is a great place to work.  Full disclosure: of course there are some parts of it that I like less than others, but that comes with any job.

One of the most personally rewarding aspects of it though is the opportunity to work with and mentor the “younger generation.”  This article in Forbes describes the relationship to a tee:

“Mentorship is for both generations so that they can strike a balance…businesses need to nurture both technical enthusiasm and business savvy; don’t let one run roughshod over the other.”

My younger colleagues are smart and ambitious and they are also so much better with technology than I am!  They’re keeping me up to date and in touch with the world at large.  In return, I’m trying to provide them with sage advice, a sounding board, and a perspective gained from years of business experience.  It’s a win for everyone, I hope.

Does your organization encourage mentoring?

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