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HR is Dead. Long Live HR!

June 29, 2015
Kronos team at #SHRM15

Kronos team at #SHRM15

Reading can be confusing. Well, headlines. Just yesterday I read:

The former is really an indictment of the term “Human Resources.” It’s the Soylent Green thing. So Chief Human Resource Officer (Really? Is that a thing?) is being replaced by Chief People Officer or Chief Talent Officer. They sound nicer, more um, human. Anyway, titles are symbols and the real work is changing the focus from humans as capital to humans as humans. reports organizations are accelerating the modernization of their HR technology from every 5-7 years to every 3-5 years. 30% of those surveyed indicated they will update their core HR systems this year. The survey also showed increasing interest in employee self-service and mobile apps for HR systems. Hey, Kronos does all of that!

These two developments both address what a recent SHRM/Globoforce Survey reveals. The top 3 concerns of HR leaders surveyed are:

1. Employee Turnover
1. Employee Engagement (essentially a tie)
3. Culture

With the economy continuing gradual improvement and 10,000 baby-boomers a day retiring, there’s once again competition for talent, so recruiting and retaining strong employees is the top priority. The internet and social networking sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn also make it easier than ever for candidates to research what it’s like to work for an employer. Oh, that reminds me. ‘Boston Business Journal has once again named Kronos a “Best Place to Work” in its annual ranking of Massachusetts workplaces.’

Come work inspired with Kronos!

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