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The Upgrade Dilemma

June 25, 2015

Android ShootoutIf you’re thinking about upgrading a phone, and I am, check out Phone Arena. They do a fantastic job of comparing feature by feature. Currently I’m comparing the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs the LG G4 vs the Google Nexus 6. They all pack pretty sweet hardware specs, but what separates them for me is the software. While there’s only one user interface (UI) on iPhones, Android phone software is often customized by the manufacturers. Samsung has “TouchWiz” and LG uses “LG UX.” The Nexus 6 uses pure Android with no tweaks. Anyway, the hardware, software, and carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, etc.) all combine to deliver the total user experience (UX), and that’s what matters.

Speaking of user experience, have you seen our Workforce Central 8 webinar? The UX is much improved with HTML5. You should check it out. Over 2,500 customers have. If you are thinking about upgrading, we have 6 Tips to Make Your Upgrade Easier coming up on on Tuesday, July 21st at 2:00 PM ET. Here’s some of what’s on the agenda:

  • Archiving your data before you upgrade
  • Instituting a communication plan and creating a test plan to minimize risk at go-live
  • Assess current business processes
  • Training users on new features

The v8 software is sweet, and since hardware is a component of the total user experience, you may want to consider the Kronos cloud instead of paying for new hardware. That way your IT peeps can share in the great new Workforce Central 8 experience by not having to manage it.

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