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Indianapolis State of Mind…

June 16, 2015

HollyHolly Bouffard is our Workforce Ready Community Manager and has been on the job for about two whole weeks, but has been with Kronos since 2013 working as a Customer Marketing Manager helping to run the Kronos Advocacy Program. Prior to Kronos, Holly worked as a Customers Success Manager for a small web content management company where she found her calling to work in the tech world. When she’s not striving to make the Workforce Ready Community a beautiful place you can find her either studying for her Masters in Management or shopping for home décor bargains at HomeGoods.

By Holly Bouffard

No, this millennial didn’t mess up the title of the iconic Billy Joel song New York State of Mind, but it was the only way I could accurately caption my mindset after a week of work travel to one of the cleanest and nicest cities I have been to in some time. Don’t worry Boston, you are still my home, but Indianapolis has caught my attention. You might be thinking why out of all the places in the world am I blogging about Indianapolis? Well I have been a Kronite for two years and recently had the opportunity to pursue a role that focuses on building a community for one of our fastest growing products, Workforce Ready.

As part of deep diving into the new role I had thought it would be great to connect face to face with some of the service team members and get acquainted with some of the newer faces on the team who reside at our Indianapolis Tech Center. Now, in my prior role I had interacted with the service team a bit but I knew in my new role I needed to foster a stronger relationship with the team to let them know who I was and what my motivations were to meet with them. I have to say after meeting with several members of the team from a few different function areas I was impressed with the dedication, passion, and drive they have to serve our Workforce Ready customers. If you don’t believe me take a look at some of our testimonials from Leedo Manufacturing, Topographic, and Blarney Castle to see their hard work reflected in the success of our customers.

While they are doing many great things and work tremendously hard to support an array of customers, they also understand that they can always strive to do better. One of the areas in which I plan to support their ever growing need to help our customers is to assist the build out of the Workforce Ready Community and soon they will have a great platform to share with our customers. (Many many thanks to Leo & Co. for pushing to secure a community platform and developing a plan to launch it.) The community will bring them the opportunity to showcase a place where their customers can connect and learn with not only the team at Kronos but with fellow customers. I am thrilled to support their already successful team and want to thank both them and Indianapolis for a great trip. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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