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How much intelligence, leadership, and desire do you put into your job?

June 10, 2015

Gaiman on WritingSome mornings I just don’t have anything for this blog, and today is one of them. Writer Neil Gaiman has the solution…

On today’s sports radio commute, former major league pitcher Curt Schilling was asked what non-physical trait Red Sox rookie pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has that’s the biggest contributor to his success.


LeBronYou gotta want it. Right now in the NBA Finals, LeBron James is giving a clinic on the desire thing. With his two best teammates unavailable due to injury, Mr. James is willing himself and his Cleveland Cavalier teammates to beat a more talented Golden State Warriors. LeBron James is a gifted physical talent, but it’s his intelligence, leadership, and desire that are producing the wins.

In your own job, how much intelligence, leadership, and desire do you put into it? And what are the results? Yesterday I was meeting with my extended team when Leslie, our marketing programs manager told us nearly 2,400 people are registered for today’s* webinar on Workforce Central 8. That may be the highest number of registrants we’ve ever had for a webinar, and it takes work. You’ve (and when I write “you’ve,” I mean Leslie) got to recruit the Subject Matter Experts (SME), pull all the content (slides, videos, demos) together, make sure the web assets and registration forms are complete and working, coordinate the email schedule to customers, review the messaging, coordinate with the webinar platform vendor, communicate and coordinate internally, perform dry runs, and… in this case, coordinate live events at hundreds of customer sites with our sales executives for munch and learns across the globe. Oh, and this isn’t Leslie’s only project.

During the same meeting I asked how her training was going for a ½ marathon she’s running in October in Arizona. “I haven’t trained in over 2 weeks.” After I lightheartedly berated her failing, Leslie replied, “I’ve been working till around 9 every night.” (And so has her boss, Jackie.)

You gotta want it.

Thanks Leslie and Jackie.

* If you missed the live event, no worries. You can still catch the replay!

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