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Workforce Management Water Safety!

June 9, 2015

pool funAfter the long winter of our discontent, we New Englanders are impatiently awaiting our first beach day –  on a weekend. Saturday looks promising, so (Play)Joyce and I may pack up the offspring (mine) and head to the shore. She and my son head pretty far out, while I keep the granddaughter closer to land and away from the sharknado in my mind… Joyce is an excellent swimmer, and loves to lake swim for exercise, so when my son flops around out there like a giraffe fleeing a pack of crocodiles, if you can picture that, I don’t worry. Joyce doesn’t let the boy get too far out.

It’s all about safety, and this month’s 1 in One Hundred Million series features Water Survival Instructor Justina Pratt. She works with kids ages 6 months to 6 years in her local YMCA’s first-of-its-kind Safe Start program. Also, check out this cool infographic on pool safety. Hopefully, soon… it’s going to be that time of year!

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