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Graduate to the tech wave…

June 3, 2015

Here’s a guest blog by Terri Edkins, Senior Services Marketing Manager at Kronos. Before coming to Kronos Terri caught some sick waves at companies like Wang Laboratories, Computervision, Lotus Development, Cognos and IBM. She’s very proud of her defunct tech company pedigree, especially the flower that developed this. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard Terri say, “When I was at Lotus…” I kid Terri, but it must have been a good experience, because she’s one of the best employees we have. Thanks Terri.

By Terri Edkins

Graduation DayIt’s that time of year when colleges across the country push their graduates gently—or not—into the world to pursue their passion or maybe just find “a job” so they can earn enough money to pay off their student loans and credit cards. When I graduated, the US entered a severe recession – the inflation rate was over 6%, and interest rates hovered in the teens. It wasn’t pretty, but Time’s Man of the Year was the computer, so I was optimistic good things were coming.

I was fortunate to find a job that marked my entry into the world of technology (no small feat for an English major!). And throughout the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work for companies that were and are leaders in their respective fields. When I think back to that commencement day in May, there is no way I could have predicted all the incredible advances that I’d see, including the advent of:

  • The PC
  • PowerPoint
  • The World Wide Web (The kids call it “the internet.”)
  • E-mail
  • Google
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile phones
  • The first microprocessor-based time clock

Kronos timeclocksYes, that last tech advance was invented by our founder, Mark Ain, and was the seed that grew into the billion-dollar Kronos of today – the workforce management market leader and The Boston Globe’s “top place to work” in the largest company category of their annual Top Places to Work in Massachusetts. We also have much cooler timeclocks today…

So if you’re a new college grad and you’re looking to catch the tech wave, we’ve got lots of job openings. Won’t you “grab a board” and see what the next wave holds for you?

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  1. June 5, 2015 8:34 am

    Yep; seen a lot of change too; I worked on the Kronos System 20’s, 40’s and others like it back then; some of the very first brought to market; to think we programmed Mark’s time clocks by coloring in dots with a black magic marker and inserting the cards into the clock while it was in programming mode; yep! A lot has changed! Since then, a Billion $’s with a “B”; pretty amazing . . . wonder what’s in store over the next 10 years based on the speed by which things are advancing now; after all, by today’s standards we can talk to the internet; wait whhaattt?!

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