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A Deeper Dive into Workforce Central 8

May 29, 2015

8 swimming poolLast night’s Martini Spring Fling fundraiser was a big success, raising significantly more than last year’s event. This year the silent auction was conducted via online bidding, which worked pretty well, but in a social gathering do we really need another reason to have our noses in our phones? God, our phones. I’m the worst, and I’m geeking over Google’s announcement of Android M, their next version of smartphone software. I’m really looking forward to the new battery life improvements and other features, but alas, M won’t be available for a while…

That’s not the case for Workforce Central 8. That puppy is hopping all around its development crate itching to run around and bring a pleasurable user experience to your organization. In our first v8 webinar on June 10th, Workforce Central 8: Managing without Limits, a panel of our product and industry experts will detail all of the expanded functionalities of Workforce Central 8, including its HTML5 core technology, and how it can help free you to manage your workforce, your way. The HTML5 thing is a big deal:

“We decided to move to HTML5 for version 8 which means it’s a very very thin application on your desktop now. No management overhead, no management challenges at all. It just runs in the browser as an HTML application. So you’re getting these really rich interactive engaging HTML applications that weren’t possible five years ago.”

Bill Bartow – VP, Global Product Management – Kronos

Here’s a sneak peek at what the webinar will cover, and a video featuring customer first impressions of Workforce Central 8:


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