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8 things to know about Kronos

May 26, 2015

Elliott Smith Figure 8I’ve got 8 on my mind, probably because in the past few days I’ve read 8 Cloud Computing Books Worth Reading On Cloudy Summer Days by Joe McKendrick in Forbes. Anyway, since lists are so popular, here are your 8 things to know about Kronos…

  1. Our work culture is made up of people who enjoy taking care of customers. That has resulted in an award for delivering a great customer experience for 15 straight years.
  2. We’re known as a “best place to work” here and there, and our employees are very engaged. That’s a big contributor to #1.
  3. The company invests to help keep us healthy – and happy.
  4. KronosWorks, our annual customer conference, is a mix of about 2,000 customers, many partners, and Kronos employees, this year in Las Vegas. Yeah, it’s fun.
  5. We have over 14,000 customers using our workforce management solutions in the cloud.
  6. Workforce Ready is our newest product suite and is a cloud (SaaS) solution for small to mid-sized (SMB) organizations.
  7. We’re a global company, supporting customers in over 100 countries.
  8. Eight… Eight… Hmmm… Oh, I know. We’re growing, and we need more people to take care of #1. Check out our over 200 global job openings!
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