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Fifteen Minutes? Try fifteen years!

May 22, 2015

It’s the start of a long Memorial Day weekend here at moon-base Kronos, so how about a feel-good story? It feels good for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t have to write it. It’s a guest post from Melissa Spinella, our Services Marketing Manager! Secondly, it’s a story about delivering the experience our 1,000’s of customers expect, and independent recognition of our great support team… Some of who will be working this long weekend. Thanks Melissa, and thanks Kronos Support Services!

fifteen minutesArtist Andy Warhol predicted, “In the future, everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.” While Kronos may not be in the movies and TV – oh wait, we ARE – and you may not see us in huge retailers like Smoothie King – oh wait, you DO – our fifteen minutes of on-screen fame doesn’t seem to be the reason for our success. Our fifteen YEARS of excellence in customer satisfaction is! Kronos recently received the NorthFace ScoreBoard AwardSM from the Omega Management Group Corp. for excellence in customer satisfaction for 2014 – one of only two companies to have done so for 15 consecutive years! I know what you’re thinking – this award must be fixed – but seriously, the numbers don’t lie.

Kronos software support 2014

We solicit customer experience data through our voice of the customer program – specifically, through our customer surveys. We survey thousands of Kronos customers each month via email, phone and online surveys designed to assess our customers’ experience throughout their relationship with us:

  • Customer Relationship Survey (asks how we are doing overall)
  • Customer Satisfaction with Professional Service Engagements
  • Customer Satisfaction with Support
  • Customer Satisfaction with Education Services

The Omega Management Group, an independent third-party company, audits the results of the support surveys from our customers. Kronos also makes it a priority to seek out customer feedback, ideas, recommendations and comments through many channels and we use them to improve our products and services. Many of our product improvements are drawn directly from the Customer Surveys, Product Enhancement Requests, Advisory Boards, and Customer Forums. We listen, we learn, and we improve.

At Kronos, we put customer experience first and strive to provide our customers with the experience they expect every day. Want more details on Kronos’ results? Check out our Customers Come First datasheet!

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