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Green Guy Day 1

May 21, 2015

Todagreen guysy is my first day as a “Green Guy” representing Kronos in the Spiceworks community, so I need to adopt the right persona for the role. As usual, I’ve done exhaustive research on green guys, and have come up with an “Elite 8” of role models to choose from. Let’s review them to determine which personality is the right one for me in Spiceworks:

  1. The so-called “Cosmic Cutie” from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Well, author Doug Adams despised the little blob created by his publisher, so while many of the IT folks in Spiceworks may love the book, they hate the green guy.
  2. Yoda – Total bad-ass who’s acquired great wisdom in his 900 years, but I’m afraid people may tire of responses like, “When use Kronos, you do…”
  3. Kermit – I don’t know. He seems cool, but after what Family Guy has done to him… Actually, that’s none of my business.
  4. Vancouver Canucks Green Guys – Two words: Too annoying.
  5. The Hulk – In a community, you’ve got to keep your cool even when you’re angry.
  6. The “Toy Story” green guys – After what they did with “the claw” to save the crew in TS3, they’ll always be cool with me, but their communication skills are a bit lacking.
  7. Green Army guys – Respect ’em, but a community forum is no place for a flame-thrower.
  8. Mike Wazowski – Smart, funny, with a singular focus. Plus, he went to Monsters U. Yeah, I’ll try to be like Mike.

“We all start out wide eyed.
I want to go back to that.”
– Mike Wazowski

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