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Lucille Gently Weeps

May 15, 2015

bbThe Blues is not my favorite musical genre, but it has affected my life. For most of us, there’s a soundtrack to life. Maybe you and your significant other have “your song.” “It’s a little bit funny,” but Elton thought so. Then there are the songs that punctuate your life and the major milestones of it. Music can bring be back to places and bring back people to me. What music has been along for your journey?

In 1983, I saw B.B. King play at the long gone Channel nightclub in Boston. I was a little apprehensive about the show because I didn’t know any of his songs, and he was an old man – just about the age I am today… In the steamy “pit” of the Channel, we were literally (yes, literally) bouncing off the walls for a couple delirious hours with B.B. and his beloved guitar, “Lucille.” I remember saying after the show, “If that’s the blues, then I want them.”

I had no idea where I was going with this for a (Work)blog, but while searching for just the right song, I found one from 1983! The clip opens up with a very brief response to an interview question where Mr. King talks about the effort he puts into playing “The Thrill is Gone,” so that even though he’s done it hundreds or thousands of times, the audience on THAT experiences it like it’s the first time he ever played it. We should all have that attitude toward delivering any experience to each other and to our customers.


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