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Pencil me into a future-time

May 11, 2015

1967-FARMERS-UNION-CARD-PAPER-CALENDAR-MEMO-BOOK-Vintage-3This past weekend I spent some coffee-time (it moves faster than work-time) Saturday morning trying to better understand the influence of velocity and gravity on time. Basically, increase either and time will slow down. Then during Sunday coffee-time, and keeping to the time theme, Analog Girl and I checked our schedules to align ourselves for future events – me with my iPad calendar app (synched with my Outlook calendar), and she with her little paper calendar books that the greeting card stores give away. And yes, “books” are plural. One for dates at her Cape Cod cottage, and one for uh, the rest of her life, I guess. Based on a subsequent conversation last night, I’m not sure all our planets are aligned to future-time, but we’ll get wherever we’re going.

Scheduling isn’t trivial, and while scheduling employees isn’t rocket science, today’s press release announcing our SaaSy Workforce Ready now has a scheduling module does reference George Bernard Dantzig, an American mathematical scientist. Now, if I had a video on Workforce Ready Scheduler, you would now see it, but instead here’s one on time dilation. Enjoy!

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