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The “Say Hey” Cloud

May 5, 2015

756On Friday I watched my 756th* Kronos blog post leave the yard at WordPress Park, then gloated on social media. Later that night, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez touched ‘em all for the 660th time in his career, but not only are the Yankees refusing to pay ARod a $6 million bonus for tying the “Say Hey kid,” Willie Mays, but Red Sox management didn’t even acknowledge the mark during the game. Ouch. Ouch. 800 WFC Kronos CloudThere’s not much Mr. Rodriguez can do about the Red Sox snub, but the Yanks? When asked, all he would say was “Family business.”

Hey, speaking of milestones, Kronos now has over 800 Workforce Central customers in the cloud! 800 is a pretty big number, and it’s growing fast. In our latest quarter, over 80% of our new customers chose a cloud solution. A year earlier that number was in the 60’s. Why the surge?

* You know, actually with guest posts, I’m personally shy of 756… Still, I’ll pass Barry Bonds (762) soon, then set my sights on the global all-time slugger, Sadaharu Oh. Mr. Oh slammed 868 in his Japanese league career.

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