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May the (Firefighting) Force Be With You

May 4, 2015

firefightersdayI try to avoid social editorializing here (that’s what Facebook is for 😉 ), but today is International Firefighters’ Day, yet there’s much more coverage for Star Wars Day… Hey, I love them both. My appreciation for the job firefighters do was probably most influenced by the Denis Leary series “Rescue Me,” while Mr. Leary was most influenced by his cousin’s ultimate sacrifice in the Worcester, MA Cold Storage Warehouse Fire 15 years ago.

“Firefighters are some of the most selfless public servants you will ever encounter.”
Denis Leary

While I’m pretty sure the Rebels and the Empire are both Kronos customers, I can’t back up that fiction with fact. However, we do have a long factual history with fire departments. Over 900 public safety organizations use our Telestaff solution, and we’ll see many of them at KronosWorks in November. Every day we work with fire departments from Salt Lake City to Miami Beach, and we also honored 34 year veteran firefighter Chris Merrick in the premier episode of our 1 in one hundred million employee stories:

Come to think of it, we’ve honored firefighters here before…

So have fun with Star Wars day today, but don’t forget to thank our non-fictional heroes.

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