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I’ve Lost my Mojo!

May 1, 2015

Lost mojoI believe it was Tennyson who said “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of blogging.” For now, let’s just put aside the definition of “young” and focus on the blogging. The fact is, since standing tall in September with over ONE BILLION BLOG VIEWS*, I’ve been descending into the pits of blog oblivion. No man wants this to happen. It’s so bad, that if the decline continues, (Work)Joyce could catch me by like 2019 or something… We can’t let that happen, because that would find my mojo, and slam it into the windshield of an oncoming Workforce Institute press release. Then, flapping one broken wing, my mojo would flutter to the pavement to be run over by an 18-font Workforce Matters headline. It wouldn’t be pretty.

So here’s how to help you help me. Share me. Give me away for free like the stuff at the end of the day that no one bought at your yard sale. Here’s how:

1. Share using the little share buttons at the bottom of each hand-crafted blog post. You can share using one or more of the following:


2. On LinkedIn, when you see a post like this, you can “Like” it, or “Share” it. That way, all those professional connections you have can read it!

3. On Facebook, my blog posts will look like this. If you like it, and think your Facebook friends will, you can like, share or buffer, whatever that is! You should probably think twice if your mom is on your Facebook. Mine says, “I don’t get half that blog stuff.”


4. If you use Twitter, hit that re-tweet icon if the feelin’ moves ya:


5. So, you’re a Google+ user… Aren’t you cool? You know what to do.

* Okay, it wasn’t a billion, but it was the most views in the short history of Kronos blogs.

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