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Customer Service is the (not so) New Marketing

April 23, 2015

lickingtacoshellsWhat if your customers or potential customers could see or hear every interaction you had with each and every customer? Thanks to social media, today they can. Remember this guy? This picture went viral, and his employer probably sold a few less tacos in the aftermath. News travels fast, especially if it’s bad.

This post germinated from an article titled Why Customer Service is the New Marketing. As I dug into this a bit more, I found many references to the concept, so I tried to determine its origin. The roots of “customer service is the new marketing” could be this (and its inspiration) or this, but definitely not this. Anyway, if you click on just one link here on the subject, let it be this post penned by Wendy Lea, former CEO of Get Satisfaction. She nails it.

Disney on Customer ExperienceAnyway, my point is that customer service is the (not so) new marketing. Ol’ Walt knew what the magic was then, and is now: the customer experience. The difference today is that social media continues to grow in power to amplify your customer word of mouth stories of their experience. Customers now have the power to tell the world what your products and services are like, and their stories influence whether others will consider you. That’s why more than ever, customer service is the new marketing.

Speaking of customer service, here’s an outstanding Slideshare from to inspire you.

customer service quotes

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