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Catch a Cloud on Earth Day

April 22, 2015

PrintOver the past couple years as I’ve brought light to a darkened man-cave, and reimagined a kitchen and two bathrooms, electron-sipping LED lighting has been part of the shiny brightness. Yesterday Wired ran a story on how the cost of Light Emitting Diodes has dimmed to an affordable 2 bulbs/$5. Still, my electricity bill over the winter soared to nearly $300/mo. Residential Solar is becoming more attractive…

On this Earth Day, it’s a good time to take inventory of how we’re using the planets resources, and in the case of technology, electricity, and how it’s generated deserves examination. Greenpeace has been very active in exposing big cloud providers who use dirty carbon fuels to run their datacenters. The good news is that the 50 year old Moore’s law projects both computing processing power AND the energy efficiency of transistors to double every two years, and that many of Planet Earth’s largest cloud providers are moving to 100% renewable energy sources to power their datacenters.

In my opinion, cloud computing, and the workforce management cloud solutions from Kronos are environmentally friendly. Here are a few reasons why, care of Rackspace, a provider of hosting and cloud computing.

Happy Earth Day.

Rackspace® — [INFOGRAPHIC] How Cloud Computing is Saving the Earth

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