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KnowledgePass is People!!!

April 21, 2015

Lyn ComboYou know the old saying, “Soylent Green is People!?” No? Then check this out. KnowledgePass is people, too, and none more than Lyn Bennett. As I was troll, uh, researching the internet, I wasn’t sure whether to use Lyn’s more professional LinkedIn pic or the movie stah shot from YouTube, so you get both. Anyway, yesterday Ms. Bennett’s manager announced Lyn’s been promoted! Yeah, cool. Her peers were pretty pumped. Here’s a comment from one:

“Lyn, you are a superstar!! I don’t know what we’d do without your dedication and support. 🙂 Can’t think of a more deserving person for these accolades. Kudos!!” (Doing happy dance now)

Speaking of “happy dances,” Lyn was pretty excited to hear the news. Ms. Bennett has been with Kronos since 2006, and became the Program Manager for KnowledgePass in 2009. Here is just some of the work Lyn has managed to help grow KnowledgePass to over 2,500 Workforce Central customers!

  • Worked to define KnowledgePass LMS for customers with a Learning Management System
  • Wrote and distributed 30 editions of the KnowledgePass Buzz to keep customers up to date on KPass news
  • Coordinated a customer advisory board to gather feedback from customers on KnowledgePass
  • Delivered just about every type of KronosWorks session on KnowledgePass (Hers was a top 5 attended in 2014!)
  • Delivered webinars on KnowledgePass, including one focused on how to get users trained during a product upgrade

So now you know one of the real people, and some of the work behind a hugely popular Kronos service. Lyn’s a lot of fun, and I hope her sense of humor sees some humor in this post. I simply wanted to share a warm human story. Of course Lyn’s work accomplishments are just a small part of her life, but since this is a (work)blog, I don’t want to get in to details about Lyn’s long list of personal achievements, but suffice to say there is a statue dedicated to her.

Thank you Lyn, and congratulations on your well earned promotion!

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