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The Cloudy Marathon

April 20, 2015

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Today, clouds will protect the 30,000 entrants in the 2015 Boston Marathon, hopefully easing every stride, step, spin, drag or crawl they need to cover the 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 Kilometers) from Hopkinton to Boylston Street in Boston. For Kronos, the marathon is an apt metaphor for our customers moving to the cloud. At times it may seem like a sprint, but with thousands of customers, and tens of thousands of prospective customers globally, a steady pace serves us all well.

The marathon is underway, and a huge story today, but the cloud is also in the news. The cheap, convenient cloud is a solid primer on cloud computing, and provides a stunning statistic on the impact of the cloud, while also putting it in context:

“Gartner, a market-research firm, expects the global market for cloud-computing services to reach $176 billion this year. That is still only 4% of all IT spending…”

Like a lumbering 16 year old, the cloud is still just a teenager with a lot to learn. Forbes Contributor Joe McKendrick writes in 10 Things We’ve Learned About Cloud Computing that contrary to the “sky is falling” employment fears about cloud, instead of supplanting IT in organizations, the cloud has elevated IT. It seems the older experienced talent in our IT organizations is teaching the young cloud how to fit in.

CIO magazine goes a little further, pointing out the adolescents failures and how to avoid them in Why Cloud Computing Implementations Typically Fail. Likening the cloud experience to being a new parent, CIO states:

“It is next to impossible for people to create a thorough, comprehensive cloud implementation plan when they haven’t done it before.”

Fortunately for Kronos customers old and new, we have created and successfully, uh, run comprehensive cloud implementation plans for both Workforce Central in the Cloud for complex enterprises, and Workforce Ready for small to mid-sized organizations.

One last thing. As I jogged around the web researching marathon stats, I discovered it takes around 30,000 steps to run a marathon. Let me assure you it’s much, much easier to get to the Kronos cloud. Mostly because we do most of the running for you!

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