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Cutting back on the Java

April 17, 2015

even-bad-coffee-is-better-than-noIt seems there are many reasons to say no to more Joe, but then there are the “13 Proven Health Benefits of Coffee.” Yeah, confusing, so don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I love the smell of coffee in the morning. It smells like… Consciousness. Anyway, I’ve cut way back. A cup first thing, then one on the commute. That’s it. None at work, and rarely one late in the day. Anyway, that’s enough of my Joe to Java segue.

chrome-gave-up-java1Back in September I blogged about Google Chrome dropping support of desktop Java, and now it seems the last drop has dropped. Yesterday our Global Support team released a Technical Advisory detailing the impact on Workforce Central users:

“… since WFC versions prior to v7 relied heavily on Java, customers using those versions will not be able to use Chrome as a browser.”

Here’s the good part:

“Fortunately, WFC v7 can be configured Java-free for most employee functionality, so properly configured WFC v7 servers can be accessed by most employees with a Chrome browser.”

And in the TV biz what we call a teaser:

“Kronos is continuing to invest in eliminating WFC dependence on client-side Java, so the next major WFC release will be even more Java-free.”


For more information, check out TA101274 on There’s a ton of information on our customer portal, and they serve great coffee.

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