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Who’s to blame when a work system stops working?

April 14, 2015

no playoffsNo nail-biters. No triple overtimes. No playoff beards. No Cup. I’m so disappointed the Boston Bruins won’t be in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. All the fun starts tomorrow night, and there will nary be a spoked B…

What happened? Well, a little of everything. HR, in the form of General Manager, Peter Chirelli didn’t do a great job with recruiting or talent management. The coach, Claude Julien, too many times sent “reps” into situations where they just couldn’t close deals. The competition got better, and won with a more modern approach that skated circles around the Bruins…

Hey, sports change and business changes. Look at how technology has changed business in the past 30 years. I remember sticking paper “memos” into yellow interoffice envelopes for US Mail delivery to field offices. Today our communication is instant and global. Just behind talented people, information technology, or our “systems” are a key to gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. In the case of a workforce management system, implementing one helps an organization control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. But what about when your business inevitably changes? New legislation… Renegotiated collective bargaining agreements… Integrating new IT systems… Mergers… Acquisitions… In very little time, your workforce management environment can significantly change, and your system needs to change with it, or else it could resemble an old, slow hockey team slogging through the slushy ice of losing.

Fortunately, we’ve worked with thousands of customers in all major industries, so we do know what works and how to optimize your system to reflect the way your business runs today. Here’s a recording of 7 Ways to Optimize Your Kronos Solution with optimization consultant Tim Manhardt. If you find good value in it (and you will), here’s a link to Tim’s 7 (More) Ways webinar that we held just last week.

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