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Are you an employee advocate?

April 9, 2015

Facebook chatYesterday the pictured Q&A took place on Facebook. I actually prefer “carnival barker” to the stuffy sounding “Brand Ambassador,” but that’s just me. “Employee advocate” works too. I was recently scrolling through a slideshare presentation about online communities when I was stunned by a stat. When forming an opinion of a company/product or service how credible would the information be from… Lawyers* were trusted 36% while bloggers… I can’t even type it. You can read the chart.

Edelman Trust Barometer 2006This stunning reality, albeit from 2006 (I’m sure bloggers are now highly trusted), led me on a search for more understanding. The important group is the one highlighted “A person like yourself or a peer.” It turns out, customer advocacy and also employee advocacy (trusted more than a CEO) of a brand is a pretty big deal. Check out these more recent stats in My Favorite Employee Advocacy Statistics:

  • 77 percent of buyers are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO uses social media (Ours does.) – Source: MSLGroup
  • Social CEOs are much more likely to be seen as good communicators (ours is…) than unsocial CEOs (55 percent vs. 38 percent, respectively). – Source: Weber Shandwick
  • Leads developed through employee social marketing convert seven times more frequently than other leads… Wait, what? Whoa! Source: IBM

Then I guess the answer to the question “Should Employees Be Encouraged to Tweet?” is a resounding “YES!”

So… Do you socially share the good news of your employer? If not, why not?

* Our Kronos lawyers are lovely people and highly trustworthy. I was referring to lawyers like that one in Jurassic Park.

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