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Workforce Wars – The Digital Edition

April 8, 2015

vader“Look Honey, they re-def’d it…” (Play)Joyce is an analog girl. Time magazine on paper, paper maps with 27 folds, bound books, and pocket calendars, so when she said “they re-def’d it,” and I saw the Star Wars trailer, I knew exactly what she meant. It’s like I have a (Play)Joyce decoder ring, except it only decodes about 2% of what goes on in her head. Anyway, Lucasfilm, Ltd., now owned by Disney (Mickey acquired Yoda, Indiana Jones, and the whole caboodle for $4.05B in 2012) is releasing a digital HD version of all 6 “Star Wars” movies on April 10th. I think my family has owned the movies on VHS tape, DVD, and Blu-Ray, but hey, “they re-def’d it,” so…

Buying the digital versions of films is just so easy and convenient. First of all, it’s fast. You get the digits immediately from, in my case, VerizonFIOS. There’s no trip to a retailer or even a shipment from Amazon. There’s also no need for my extremely sloooowww Blu-Ray player. Just click a couple buttons on my remote and watch. In the case of “Frozen,” it’s watch and watch and watch, oh, and sing.

What does the ease of renting or buying digital films remind me of? Oh, I know! The Kronos cloud. No slow hardware. No scratchy DVD’s. No hassle. For Workforce Central, it’s like we re-released it in a digital version. You just use it. We’ve been providing Workforce Central in the cloud since before it was called cloud. Since 2006 for those of you keeping track at home. In fact, here’s an old film about our cloud that I pulled from the vault. Through the magic of technology, we were able to restore it to even better than its original glory. Or as (Play)Joyce would say, “we re-def’d it.” Go ahead, “use the force, Luke.”


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