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I’m Batman

April 6, 2015

I’m pretty mixed up today. Yeah, more than most days. You see, between Friday’s post on a different kind of “Batman” and Michael Keaton hosting Saturday Night Live on um, Saturday night, there are bats in my belfry, and it is no fun. While I’ve had to chase down several bats over the years in my home (I’ve found a racquetball racket can stun them for removal), I’ve been bat free since a $1,200 “bat exclusion” in 2011. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for guest blogger Melissa Spinella, Services Marketing Manager at Kronos. Thanks, Melissa.

Peter Talke Photography

Peter Talke Photography

My husband and I recently purchased our first single-family home. Moving from a smaller townhouse, we are surprised every day at just the sheer amount of space we now have – everything finally has a place of its own and the basement is not just a “catch-all” for all our kitchen gadgets that couldn’t fit in the actual kitchen. In fact, the basement is now so uncluttered that it’s actually quite roomy…and now we have a visitor. A very unwelcome bat visitor who I’m pretty sure is not going to turn into Edward from Twilight (heck, I’d settle for Tom Cruise from Interview with a Vampire, but that’s showing my age).

After all the screaming and running up the stairs had subsided, our logical first step was to ensure all of our Facebook friends and family were informed, of course. Funny, I know, but what happened after that amazed me. Sure we got the customary “Oh no!” and “That stinks!” comments, but that one little post we made turned into a virtual “everything you wanted to know about bats and how to get rid of them (humanely, of course!)” page filled with links and personal stories of victory over the flying mammals! Our personal community was helping us and giving us advice to remedy our bat issue. They were cheering us on and even checking in a day or two later to see if the advice helped.

That got me thinking about the Kronos communities that we have available to our customers through the Kronos Customer Portal, our Customer Forums. Participating in our forums is a great way to connect with other customers and benefit from their real-world experiences. It’s organized by Kronos product and industry and uses a threaded messaging format for posting questions, sharing knowledge and best practices, and commenting on other customers’ posts. Plus, Kronos is very active on social media to help keep customers informed of new ways to learn more and get more out of their workforce management investment with blog posts (like this!) or posting webinar invitations and links to research via Facebook and Twitter. It’s like having your very own “everything you wanted to know about workforce management” network!

While our little visitor is still being elusive, having all the knowledge gained from our personal community means that victory is at hand. Either that or I’m going to need to invest in a bat-mobile!

Oh, and by the way, Bat appreciation week is April 5-11th.

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