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From Vegas to an HBO special!

April 2, 2015

wheelThis morning’s commute was punctuated by dial spinning like on “Wheel of Fortune” to find something, anything substantive on the airwaves. I’m in a phase where my head really needs food, and the usual sports talk radio is dry, unflavored popcorn. One spin took me to the Sirius NPR station, and a segment on a new 4 hour HBO documentary on Frank Sinatra. Frank, of course, was a rock star before there was rock, and he lived the lifestyle. Here’s a clip from his ex-wife, Mia Farrow:

“In Las Vegas, these people who would show up – I didn’t know them from anywhere else… If the evening went on late enough, he might just say, let’s go to London. And he would call his pilot, and next thing, we’d be in an airplane. I learned to bring my passport to dinner.”

The HBO documentary “Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All” airs Sunday, April 5th and Monday, April 6th at 8PM.

Manhardt VegasManhardt QuoteTim Manhardt is a rock star. I’ve written about his sold-out (150+ session attendees) KronosWorks Vegas gigs. Of the 65 attendees that completed surveys this past Fall, every one felt the presentation would help them in their work! “Manhardt” is one hot act, and now we’re bringing you the special!

Tim’s Seven Options to Drive an Optimized Kronos Solution airs Wednesday, April 8 2:00 p.m. ET, and will deliver valuable tips and tricks for optimizing your Kronos solution. You’ll learn ways to maximize user adoption, drive stakeholder acceptance, save money, and increase the value your organization is getting from its workforce management solution:

  • Enhancing acceptance of time period data prior to payroll processing
  • Configuring Genies and Wizards to ensure adherence to business processes
  • Configuring pay codes
  • Using provided sample queries to track system use

Tim is in incredibly high demand with our Kronos customers, and jets around constantly helping them mature their workforce management practices. Yep. Mr. Manhardt is busy. He’s learned to bring his passport to dinner.

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