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Are you engaged?

March 31, 2015
gallup engagement

Lost in yesterday’s well, Monday, was my two-week weigh-in uh, in an epic battle against the evil Darth Fatty. I’m exactly on target, down five pounds. What’s most effective right now is using the force of simple mindfulness every time there’s an opportunity to eat. Am I really hungry? Why do I want to eat that? Having just having a bite or two instead of say, the whole container of some leftover makes a huge difference. So far, it’s about being fully engaged in the thought process, so a moment of weakness doesn’t turn into a thrashing, mindless, Jaws-like frenzy.


Anyway, engagement… Being there. The mindfulness thing. Being focused on what you’re doing. It’s a big deal in the workplace. Increasingly, companies are supporting the engagement of their employees in their work by supporting their well being. Still, there’s a long way to go for many companies. The research firm Gallup recently released a study indicating U.S. Employee Engagement Reaches Three-Year High, but in it they note that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work

That’s just not the case here. In our most recent employee engagement survey, the Kronos employee engagement score is over 10 points higher than the 72% considered “best in class” for employee engagement! These are the metrics supporting why Kronos is considered a “best place to work.”

If you’d like to get engaged, check out our over 250 global opportunities!

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