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Malik Health Day?

March 27, 2015

meme-one-direction-twitter-09I’m working from home today, but I’m working. Yesterday, one of our sharp Millennial kids sent me this, and if the story is true, “hundreds” of individuals have requested “compassionate leave” from work because someone named Zayn Malik quit a “band” called “One Direction.” Hey, I remember being really bummed when Robert Plant’s young son freakin’ died, and their tour got cancelled in 1977, but I managed to get to my classes. What’s up with these kids today? Mayor WalshIf one of these Malik mourners asked me for the day off, I’d oblige under the condition they watch the Dylan documentary No Direction Home and pull themselves together. This kind of grief can really disrupt a workplace. Well, at least the mayor of Boston has some compassion… or a good sense of humor. In any event. I’m sure any Kronos superuser or administrator could come up with a time-off rule for “Malik Health Day” in Workforce Central or Workforce Ready if they had to.

In other news, scientists are preparing to fire up the Large Hadron Collider after some maintenance downtime. On their agenda is disproving the Big Bang theory and proving the existence of parallel universes.

Yep. Parallel worlds definitely exist.

Happy weekend.

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