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Integration Blues

March 24, 2015

integrationMore and more “regular folks” are learning the hard way about the importance of integration. I’ve tinkered with it for decades, but puzzles persist. Getting anything to play nicely together has been a challenge to humanity since the Neanderthal tossed that bone skyward, and with digital technology __________ (simplifying / complicating) more aspects of life than ever, we’d better get good at connecting it. Not to mention we could all improve at connecting with each other, but that’s a post for another blog…

My latest “first world” integration disconnect was between the music service Spotify on my Android phone and my Bose® Wave® SoundTouch™. Of course I searched online for the process to get these two technologies to connect, but even the Spotify community left me adrift. Last night as I lay rythymless in bed, “Eureka!” I whipped out my iPad and launched Spotify. It paired up with the Bose immediately, and together they brought Jenny Lewis into my room… It was sweet music from there. Oh, and for some reason once the iPad connected with the Bose, the phone could, too… Puzzling.

Integration can be maddening, and when you think about it, the human brain is a marvel of integrating data from all five of our senses into cohesive information that allows us to survive and thrive. Now look at that picture. Integrating in the cloud seems especially confounding, but not for Kronos. We’ve been sending and receiving data from systems complementary to Kronos for almost 40 years! There’s probably not a commercial system we haven’t integrated with. If you have complementary systems you’d like to integrate with Kronos, our Integration Solutions can help.

Now think about that picture being a brain instead of a cloud. Add sights, sounds, smells, sensations of touch, and taste… Process all that data PLUS the digital data we’re voluntarily bombarding ourselves with… Yeah, maddening.

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