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I can’t stop talking about cloud

March 23, 2015
Mt. Fuji cloud

Redundancy in the cloud?

When I see a picture like this of Lenticular clouds over Mt. Fuji in Japan, I don’t think, “whoa, nature,” I think “redundancy in the cloud.” Too bad it’s fake. Not the redundancy, but the photoshopped image

The cloud has permeated every cubic millimeter of Kronos airspace, including that between my ears. Now when I hear this old Zep song, the lyrics warp in my hazy mind from “I can’t stop talking about love” to… Well, you read the title.  It’s everywhere… Just this morning we announced HUB International, a leading global insurance brokerage, has decided to deploy in the Kronos Cloud for their 8,000 HUB International employees. It’s understandable that new customers go cloud, but what is most interesting to me is how many customers who have used Kronos from their own data-centers for years want in! Listen to Diane Akey from Associated Wholesale Grocers talk about their move to the cloud:

Diane Akey

23622326859.mdIf you’ve been a long-time Workforce Central customer and are now thinking about life in the cloud, you should consider a Cloud Readiness evaluation to check out your Workforce Central environment and document any aspect of their infrastructure that could be affected by the transition to the Kronos Cloud. This includes full architecture, network, databases, workstations, terminals, third-party interfaces, custom reports, extensions, and more.

Once you’re all safely in the cloud, I promise to stop talking about it…

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