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The Frustrating Journey of Weight Loss (and business improvement)

March 20, 2015

I just gave the universal sign of “I’m not happy with you” to my scale after it shot me a similar sentiment. This battle of the bulge is going to be long and challenging.

Continuous improvement in anything is real work that requires discipline and focus. At Kronos, the effort goes on here daily in every single department, as we try to get this global team of nearly 4,000 to be as healthy, efficient, and competitive as it can be. Yesterday I worked on solving a reporting puzzle to correlate our social media efforts to real sales dollars. I’ll be on that thing like a pit-bull until I get it. In engineering, they are working every day to keep life in the cloud secure, soft and cushy for our global customers, all while increasing the workforce management functionality accessed there. In finance, the job is making it easy for customers to invest in our SaaS solutions. Facilities? They are working around the globe to create workspaces where our people can be comfortable and at their most productive serving the needs of local customers. Pre-Sales delivers some of the most compelling product demonstrations, and they get better at it every year, showing customers how Kronos can solve their industry-specific workforce management issues. Services is engineering cloud implementation processes that get our customers prepared and into the cloud fast, and when they get there, their users are well trained to achieve high user adoption. Our global PMO is continuing to provide advanced training to our project manager community, and they’re refining processes that empower PM’s to get our customers live in the cloud quickly. Who am I missing? Sales… They amaze me. They’re like Bruce and the E Street band. Day after day, night after night, quarter after quarter, they just rock creative solutions for our customers, and begin the process of long-term partnership. Oh, and HR keeps bringing in the talent we need to consistently progress in all of these areas. Marketing? Our job is made pretty easy because we have the customer success stories resulting from all of these efforts.

You know, my intent here was not to go off on a long riff about Kronos, but to challenge our prospects and customers on the hard work of continuous improvement, specifically in workforce management. Are you disciplined and focused about continuously improving it? It’s pretty easy to implement the basics and achieve some quick benefits, but to continue extending labor efficiency, productivity improvements, and legal compliance takes work. The payoff is competitive advantage. Check out this post on our Workforce Management Maturity Model. It’s a cool framework for the journey of continuous improvement using Kronos, but I’m not promising it will get you there overnight.

It’s work, and requires discipline and focus just like a diet, but the results will be very satisfying.
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