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Banned in Facebook

March 16, 2015

banned in bostonBack in college I had a “Banned in Boston” tee-shirt that I thought was cool, even though I had no idea what it meant. Turns out it’s a phrase related to the many things artistic banned back in the late 19th century through mid-20th century by our Puritanical forefathers.

Today Facebook is updating its community guidelines to clarify what can and cannot be posted. That’s got to be a tough job to essentially police the speech of 1.39 Billion users, but for this user the standards seem reasonable. Time has a succinct summary of the banage.

Social media is becoming increasingly important to businesses as consumers search for “real” reviews of their products or services. Kronos has been active in the major social channels (hey, we even have a cartoon!) for some time, and while a Kronos presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and even Google+ are great for our fans and advocates, savvy prospects are looking for more independent opinions, and “social proof,” so they’re heading to Yelp-like software review sites like G2CrowdTrustRadiusSoftware Advice, and IT Central Station. Advocate marketing experts, Influitive says of this phenomenon:

“In a sales environment where up to 75% of the buying process is happening before a prospect contacts sales, social proof is becoming more and more important.”

So if you’re looking for a workforce management solution, I encourage you to search for this “social proof,” and if you’re a Kronos customer who’s had a great experience with us, go to these peer review sites and tell your story. Your future customer peers will thank you.

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