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Happy Pie Day!

March 14, 2015

Pi on Al's birthdayPie. Ah, the memories. Back when I was a big shot rekkid executive, out label gave out free pie to anyone that attended our rock show that night. Yep, I think Tar Hut Records “Free Pie” promotion was the greatest in music history, certainly more successful (though I like their spirit) than Disco Demolition Night in 1979. Anyway, today, love for pie is universal, and one of my favorite places for pie is Pies a la Mode in Falmouth, Massachusetts, a little…

Wait. What? It’s not that kind of “Pie” day?

Man… Hold on…

Here we go. Check out how our Products, Technology & Cloud group celebrated Pi Day.

Wait. What? They ate pie?

I don’t get Pi…

Oh, and happy 136th birthday to Al Einstein. Pi, Pie… It’s all relative.

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