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How to stop Brain Leak

March 13, 2015

brain_drain“Brain Leak” sounds gross, but I used it with (Play)Joyce this morning when describing my equally unpleasant watery left eye and runny left nostril. Yeah, ew. I think it’s just allergies, which will be what many of us will complain about next as the 47 feet of snow melts here in New England.

The real “brain leak” I want to ramble on about this morning is the talent walking out your door as the job market continues to improve. I began this thought process while reading a Workforce Magazine article about Laszlo Bock. Who’s he? Here’s his Twitter header info:

“Passionate about making work suck less through applied science and doing right by people.”

Oh, he’s also the SVP of People Operations @Google, and has a new book coming out. Google has high employee engagement (although I couldn’t find a number), and incredible perks, but still loses some talent to up and comers and other tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. The bar to keep employees engaged is always rising because of the intense competition for talent. Google also uses “big” data analysis in their HR efforts, but Mr. Bock cites their primary reason for success as something much more analog:

“Nurturing the people in your organization doesn’t require expensive perks or touchy-feely gimmicks. It’s about motivating, engaging and listening – and it can work for anybody.”

It works for Kronos.

Aron at workLast week, the big guy took to our intranet to share an update on employee engagement survey results at Kronos. Oh, one thing first… The picture. If you’re a member of Red Sox Nation, pay no attention to the pinstriped shirt on the wall. It doesn’t make him a bad guy… Anyway, Aron thanked us. He always does, whether that’s during a company-wide address or one on one in the hallway. And… He always asks us to thank our families… I love that. Someone should thank his family, because the guy is constantly spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of Kronos… the thrill of victory… and the agony of (nope, not going there)… the human drama of workforce management competition…

Yeah, the Kronos is strong in that one… Aron reported record employee survey participation of over 90% versus an industry average of about 65%, and while best in class companies like Kronos score around 72% on actual employee engagement (Gallup reports the percentage of all U.S. workers engaged in their jobs rose was only 32.9% in February), Kronos is much higher. How much higher? Join us and find out. We’ve got over 240 job openings world-wide. Let’s put it this way… Aron is so confident of the experience you’ll have, he encouraged all of us to go to Glassdoor and share our experience, “what you love, and what we can do better…”

Oh, and for you HR types, here’s a comprehensive report by Aon Hewitt, 2014 Trends in Global Employee Engagement.

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